Peregrine falcon chicks banded at the Ottawa County Court House

Pictured: Bob Ford and Jennifer Norris from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources with the help of Clare Pollick, a North Carolina resident who was visiting her grandparents.

On Friday, June 20, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources banded four peregrine falcon chicks that are living in the tower of the Ottawa County Court House. The chicks are banded at three weeks old, their current age, because their legs don’t grow any wider.

The band on the left leg is an identification number and it is metal, the band on the right leg is colored and represents the location the bird is from. The location band is colored so it can be seen from far away so the bird doesn’t need to be captured to be tracked.

The parents are still nesting in the court house tower with the chicks. The male is from Wood County and the female is from West Point, KY.

Peregrine falcons have been on the endangered species list since 1970, but are in the process of being taken off. It is projected that by 2015 they will be off the list. 

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