Are the citizens misrepresented or have they spoken? Featured

Are the citizens misrepresented or have they spoken?

When questions from the audience were taken at Tuesday night’s Port Clinton City Council meeting, some interesting discussion occurred between resident and C.O.R.D. (Citizens Organized for Responsible Development) member Don Finke and Councilman Mike Snider. Finke addressed council asking if they thought citizens should have a right to vote on the sale or lease of City park land (referring to the C.O.R.D. petition that is circulating about the subject). 

Snider: Are you the appointment spokesperson for C.O.R.D.?
Finke: One of them, yes.
Snider: It is apparent to me that the citizens have spoken on the issue of Waterworks Park.
Finke: This isn’t about Waterworks Park, it is about all parks.
Snider: My question is, as a spokesmen, if we would sign the petition and it goes on the ballot and it fails and the citizens say, yet again, to go forward… will you stop?
Finke: No.
Voice from the audience: We will continue.
Snider: You’re not speaking for the citizens then, they have spoken, this is for you.

Finke: It is presumptuous to say that zoning the park for commercial property means that the people want it to be developed.

Snider: To answer your question, yes I am for the citizens’ right to vote.

After Finke and Snider went back and forth, another resident stood up and spoke.

“The citizens of Port Clinton have spoken by electing officials and entrusting them to do what’s best for the City and if that’s development, then that’s what should happen,” said Barb Wenzinger.

In other topics discussed at the City Council meeting, the mayor reported an update on the conditions of the cemeteries. Mayor Leone said that it took the entire week after Memorial Day, but the City cemeteries were in top shape. He also said that they are now on a schedule to receive maintenance twice a week.

“I meant what I said, we will continue to follow up on this,” said Mayor Leone.

In the treasurer’s report, Edna Hansen reported on the bed tax totals for the City. So far in the month of June, a little over $26,000 has been collected in bed tax. Last year, for the whole month of June, close to $29,000 was collected. Hansen said given the time left in the month, she anticipates this year’s bed tax number’s to surpass last year’s.

Another report given said that the application for the submerged land lease was sent to ODOT and received. This lease is for the placement of the restored Port Clinton Lighthouse which is to be placed next to Derby Pond in Waterworks Park.

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