Port Clinton’s brain gain: Kelly and Billy Rigoni Featured

Kelly Rigoni, a 1993 Port Clinton High School graduate, and her husband, Billy, have opened Hot Shots Photography and Northern Exposure Gallery that does custom framing, has jewelry and other gifts and décor. Kelly moved away to go to college and then lived in Fremont and Clyde before heading back to Port Clinton, the place her and Billy call home.

Kelly’s family had a business in downtown Port Clinton for 50 years, Bristley’s Jewelers and Art Department, which was owned by her grandparents and was located at 130 Madison Street. The location of her grandparents shop is just a few doors down where Kelly and Billy opened the doors for their business. Kelly’s parents also owned Barn Rats Bait and Tackle for ten years.

“I was bound to start a business in Port Clinton,” said Kelly. “My grandma was an inspiration to me as an artist. I want to instill those same things into our children; whatever you want to do, you can do it you just have to keep at it.”

Kelly says the reason she came back to Port Clinton was because of Billy. She also says the reason she finally opened her own business was the same reason.

“If I didn’t have Billy to motivate me, we wouldn’t be here,” said Kelly. “He pushed me to open my own business. We are very like-minded and that definitely helps when working together.”

“This has been a success because the local businesses support each other,” said Kelly. “This is a great town. I formed this business to fit to the community, we’ve not just a business downtown; we’re a gallery, a frame shop, a jewelry store and a photography studio.”

“The legacy of my family’s businesses is living on through me and I am glad that they paved the way.”

Hot Shots Photography and Northern Exposure Gallery are located at 210 Madison Street and can be reached at 419-967-5556.

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