Honoring those lost at sea

Behind John Fritz were (l-r): Municipal Court Judge Fritz Hany, along with former mayors Tom Brown, Debbie Hymore-Tester, Jeannie Huskey and Lockwood Zeis. On the far right was current mayor, Vince Leone. Behind them were Veterans of the armed forces. Photos by Mary Alice Schaffner

Former Port Clinton Mayor (and former Marine) John Fritz served as master of ceremonies for the moving Memorial Day service at Port Clinton Yacht Club. This service honored those who lost their lives at sea. Wreaths were cast into the river from the City Harbor Patrol boat to honor them.

The Past Commodores of the Port Clinton Yacht Club, in their dress white uniforms, lent a sense of formality to the Memorial Day Service at Port Clinton Yacht Club honoring the Sailors, Marines, Coast Guardsmen and Merchant Marines who died in service to their County.

A lone wreath floats in the waters of the Portage River in honor of those who died serving their Country on the oceans and seas.

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