Safety Council

Upcoming OSHA 30-Hour Class for General Industry will be held from June 3-6, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Ottawa County Resource Centre, 8043 West State Route 163, Oak Harbor, Ohio 43449. Please contact Jessica Kowalski to RSVP and/or questions at 419.898.6242.

May is National Electrical Safety Month and a good time review electrical safety practices. Increasing electrical safety awareness, following electrical safety guidelines, and using tools and technology designed to address electrical hazards are all components of a safety program. Eliminating electrical hazards begins with education and awareness. A focus on electrical safety, both at home and in the workplace, can prevent the hundreds of deaths, thousands of injuries and billions of dollars in economic losses that occur each year because of electrical hazards. 

For additional electrical safety information, visit the Electrical Safety Foundation International’s website:

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