20 years of helping the cause

On Sunday, June 1, a piece of Catawba history is coming to an end. The CIC Run/Walk for Habitat for Humanity will run its last 3 and 5 mile courses. Many of the race directors from prior years will be present to memorialize the day. Always held at Catawba Island Club, the run/walk has raised over $300,000 through the years. It was an idea nurtured by Bud Hagy; Michael Schenk, General Manager of the Catawba Island Club; and Julie Caswell, former CIC Fitness Center Director. 

The event has been spearheaded by many CIC employees throughout the years, including Jim Wildman, Holly Geary, Edwina Chamberlin, Toni Garrett, Kay Pudelski, Julie Caswell, Greg Carson, Dave Kruse, Ginger Schenk, Mary Ann Alton and Millie Marcus.

“There have been hundreds of CIC staff involved through the 20 year run,” says Michael Schenk. The Stouffer family supported Bud and me when we first discussed the event and have been so gracious and supportive for many years. The run has always been a family event and we have dogs, strollers, persons young and mature all giving their time to participate and share wonderful Catawba camaraderie. All along the event has had community support from Township police and fire volunteers to insure a safe finish. We hope everyone will have fond memories of the event as all of us have been honored to serve Habitat for Humanity.”

CIC still sponsors the Jessie Schenk Memorial Scholarship Turkey Chase run/walk in the fall and will be organizing a spring run/walk event, details of which will be announced this summer.

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