Ottawa County's Best Kept Secrets

The Leadership Class of 2012 is looking to shed light on Ottawa County’s best kept secrets — those little-known projects locals quietly undertake to help others. These volunteers donate their time or efforts for nothing more than the satisfaction of knowing they have made someone’s day a little brighter or their life a little easier. If you know of such a project, e-mail details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

For information on Leadership Ottawa County and an application for the class of 2013, visit

Pay it Forward Port Clinton
A new Facebook group called Pay It Forward Port Clinton was created by Amy Adkins in January.
The purpose of the group is to allow community members who want to do good deeds for others — with no thought of reward — to connect with those who are in need.
The group is open to the public, and whether someone has a need or a service to offer, all are welcome. The only requirement is to pay it forward by doing good for others; it’s so simple! Please join us today, and spread the kindness!

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