Danbury preschool reading volunteers celebrate first year’s success

An event was held at the Victory Café in Marblehead to discuss a successful year of reading to Danbury preschoolers

On April 16 Marblehead’s Victory Café and the Marblehead Peninsula Library Committee (MPLC) hosted an appreciation forum for charter members of the Danbury Preschool “Every Child Ready To Read at your Library” project. Colleen Wright, manager of the coffee shop, and a volunteer reader herself, served a buffet of homemade appetizers, fresh fruit and cookies. MPLC provided beverages and presented the volunteers with thank you mementos and identification badges and lanyards to use inside the school. 

Volunteers attending were: Mary Ann Hickey*, Maureen Kennedy*, Maryanne Laubner*, Halle Bruening*, Kathy Krueger*, (* denotes MPLC Board member) Connie Dieterich, Barbara Gerrard, Roberta Royhab, Ron Royhab, Karen Salzgeber, Marilyn Umlauf, Doris VanAllen and Colleen Wright. Readers not attending were: Janice Beachy, Lynn Pasheilich*, Jamie Seabrecht and Betty Thompson. Other guests attending the event were: Danbury preschool teachers Lisa Biro and Lorie Brown, Ida Rupp Public Library reading program co-ordinators Jennifer Buch and Teri Winke, United Way of Ottawa County director Chris Galvin, MPLC Board members Lorrie Halblaub, Barbara Monak, Ann Wagnitz and Susan Hartman. An enthusiastic review of the year’s results and 2014-2015 planning meeting followed.

The preschool readers’ report card of the first year of the program

Throughout this school year the group of seventeen adult readers generously shared their diverse experience and appreciation of reading with approximately 70 three and four year olds twice weekly at the school in one hour sessions, both morning and afternoon. The readers dutifully read age appropriate books, related the stories to the child’s own experiences, encouraged conversation and taught how books are read. The sessions were further enhanced by the use of puppets, musi, and items related to the book topic.

The Marblehead/Danbury volunteer readers group is an MPLC programming effort, part of a nationwide program co-ordinated locally by the Ida Rupp Public Library and sponsored by United Way in Ottawa County. Jennifer Buch of Ida Rupp Library trained all the volunteers. United Way funded complete background checks for the readers and provided books every month for the readers and each child. Enthusiasm for this program and the availability of resources from all these agencies have helped grow the number of volunteer readers to nearly 100 throughout Ottawa County. More readers allow more preschoolers to read and to appreciate books, skills widely believed to help them do better in school and in life.

Have you already heard about the “Every Child Ready to Read” program? The volunteer readers resoundingly agreed that this first year is an immense success for the girls and boys, and report they have learned much themselves from the children. They want to build this important program. Parents of preschoolers, retired grandparents and child care providers are invited to call for information and perhaps join this energetic and meaningful project. Contact an MPLC friend at 419-798-9821 or Ida Rupp Public Library at 419-732-3212.

 Ex Libris new hours began May 1

A sure sign of spring, to help forget this past winter, is the week day opening of the Ex Libris book shop. Bring your donations and your reading list to Ex Libris, 110 W. Main Street in Marblehead, from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., beginning May 1st. You can borrow books for up to four weeks from the lending library. You can buy gently used books for $2 or less, vintage books for much less than on-line prices (no shipping charges), and new copies of books by local authors or of local interest at retail price. You will find a nice selection of Young Adult books, Large Print editions, music media and periodicals. Ex Libris is also a source for copying and faxing. Stop in and browse.

Ex Libris Book Club Gathers the last Wednesday of the month

The April 30 book choice is “Animal Dialogues: Uncommon Encounters in the Wild” by Craig Childs. This book contains small chapters, each about a particular animal and its unique personality, and the author’s admiring, Thoreau-like conversations with them. You will want to go on an extreme nature hike after reading it. The club meets at 6:30 p.m. at Bruno’s Pizzeria on Main Street in Marblehead. The May 28 choice is “The Language of Flowers” by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.

Support the Library on the Marblehead Peninsula

Tuesday, May 6, is voting day. Individuals and families need the technology, accessibility and expanded resources that a public library can provide. More of these services can be located right in our neighborhood with your “Yes” vote. If you are the owner of a $100,000. tax-valued home, your vote to support Ida Rupp Public Library services will cost as much as a hard cover book, about $28. The Marblehead Peninsula Library Committee enjoys a collaborative relationship with Ida Rupp and endorses this levy. For more information, please call Ida Rupp at 419-732-3212.

“My two favorite things in life are libraries and bicycles. They both move people forward without wasting anything. The perfect day: riding a bike to the library.” -Peter Golkin, Public Information Officer for Arlington, VA, Public Library.

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