B-C-S puts Carroll School in good hands

L to R, B-C-S School Board members Heather Dewitz, Kim Dusseau, and Jamie Tooman along with Carroll Township trustees Kenny Gyde, Rodney Biggert, and Donald St. Clair, met on April 2 to celebrate the sale of the former Carroll School property to the Carroll Township Trustees.

Schools are centerpieces of the communities in which they are located. Schools are not simply bricks and mortar that serve as spaces where young people are educated. Schools also serve as community centers, and help to shape the identity of the area in which they are located. Based on this belief, the Benton-Carroll-Salem Board of Education worked to ensure that Carroll School be put into responsible and community-minded hands when it made the decision to sell the building after it was closed at the end of the 2011-2012 school year.  

In late 2012, Benton-Carroll-Salem Board of Education reached out to the Carroll Township Trustees to see if they had an interest in purchasing the Carroll School property. Following negotiations, the Benton-Carroll-Salem School Board decided to sell the Carroll School building and property to the Carroll Township Trustees for $15,500. The sale was finalized in early March.

Benton-Carroll-Salem Board President Jamie Tooman commented, “On behalf of our Board and school district, we are very pleased to know that the Carroll School property is in good community-minded and responsible hands.” 

Judy Peters, who served as principal at Carroll School from 1999 through 2012, commented: "It was indeed a privilege to serve as the principal of Carroll School. The students, staff, and community always worked together to provide a safe, productive, family environment for generations of students to learn.  I am so pleased that the building is in the hands of the Carroll Township residents, for I know that the activities within those walls will continue to touch the lives of Carroll residents."

Superintendent Guy Parmigian concluded that it was a pleasure to work with the Carroll Township Trustees as “good neighbors” to ensure that the Carroll School property will be utilized by responsible owners for generations to come. Parmigian added, “The generations of excellent education and memories at Carroll School will be honored and will always be part of the rich history of our school district as we build for the future.”

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