Litter crews hit the road

The OSS Solid Waste District and the county juvenile courts of Ottawa, Sandusky and Seneca counties are working together to improve and expand litter pickup on township and county roadways throughout the three-county area. One of the district’s goals is to make residents more aware that discarded trash along roadways is ugly and unwanted and can be costly in equipment repairs and man-hours for road crews.

To combat this issue, the District contracts with the county juvenile courts to pick up litter along roadways. The program benefits residents by cleaning up unsightly litter and debris and providing youth the opportunity to work off community service hours assigned by the juvenile court judge. The crew is supervised by an employee of the court and they work directly with the District, township officials and county road maintenance crews to plan a schedule to avoid activities like paving, construction and mowing schedules.  
In 2011, a total of 1,290 miles of District roadways were cleaned, for a total collection of 871 bags of trash weighing more than 4,800 pounds. In addition, the crew makes an effort to separate items that may be recycled. Last year a total of 709 bags weighing in at 3,170 pounds of recyclable items (aluminum, glass) were collected. That’s a grand total of 7,970 pounds (almost 4 tons) of debris cleaned up from our roads.
In past years, the program has operated April through October but with the mild weather this season the crews have already started cleaning. If you approach one of our litter crews while driving any of our District roads, please take caution and slow down.  
For information on recycling or litter prevention in Ottawa, Sandusky and Seneca counties, check out the District website at

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