Judge Hany is featured speaker at conference

Frederick (Fritz) C. Hany II, judge of the Ottawa County Municipal Court, was one of the featured speakers at a Ohio Judicial College conference held in Cleveland. Hany addressed more than 130 judges and judicial officials from Municipal Courts throughout Northeast Ohio.

Hany and Staff Attorney Barbara Petersen coauthored and produced materials presented to the judges after he was chosen to be a member of the faculty of the Ohio Judicial College. Hany’s presentation reviewed current Ohio procedures that affect not only the Ottawa County Municipal Court, but all Municipal Courts in Ohio.
“I was honored to be chosen by the Ohio Judicial College to prepare and present my course material to the Municipal Court Judges,” Hany said. “Not only was I able to share with the judges my years of experience as judge of the Ottawa County Municipal Court, but I also gained valuable information from listening to the other judges’ experiences.”  
The Ohio Judicial College is the principal educational arm of the Ohio Supreme Court. Its primary function is to provide educational programs for all Ohio judges. Ohio Judges are required to complete continuing legal education courses on an annual basis. They can fulfill these requirements by either attending the courses or voluntarily teaching them. Hany fulfills his legal education requirements by both instructing and attending these courses.

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