City of Port Clinton Tax Department going green

This year the City of Port Clinton Tax Department will send double postcards instead of tax returns to everyone on the city’s mailing list. Each of these pressure sealed documents contains a personalized URL the taxpayer can use to populate certain portions of the tax return with their personal information after logging in as instructed. This will give the tax filers the opportunity to fill in a self-calculating tax form. This form will then need to be printed, signed and mailed to the tax office with any supporting documents. This form cannot be used for online filing.

If you still with to have a return sent there is a card included that can be mailed back to request this option. As in the past, assistance with filing will be available at the tax office as long as the filer brings all necessary W2s, 1099s and federal schedules. 

For more information call the tax office at 419-734-5522.

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