North Central EMS and Kiwanis partner to provide safety for young children Featured

Kassie Anderson and Trish McCartney of the Port Clinton Kiwanis

As a part of the ongoing mission of the Kiwanis to help their local community, the Port Clinton Kiwanis are taking strides in helping with keeping young children safe. Kassie Anderson, a former paramedic supervisor, and Trish McCartney, State Farm agent, received a grant to help local townships get infant and young children medical equipment. Erie, Danbury, Rocky Ridge and Catawba Townships were the target stations for the equipment.

“If a car seat is involved in an accident, it cannot be used again to transport children,” said Kassie. “It will not meet the safety standards. To save room and to safely transport the children, it would be best to used inflatable car seats.”

The car seats are inflated either by a CO2 cartridge or by being plugged into a cigarette lighter in the vehicle. Also purchased are children sized backboards. $6000 was the estimated amount needed to get all four townships the equipment and the grant Kiwanis received was for $3000. Kiwanis is supplying the other $3000 needed for the equipment.

“EMS equipment cannot by bought by just anyone,” said Kassie, “it’s like a prescription.”

North Central EMS is partnering with Kiwanis to purchase the equipment for the donation to the townships.

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