A special boy who has touched a community is laid to rest Featured

Friday morning Devin Kohlman was laid to rest after a beautiful, moving ceremony at Immaculate Conception Church in Port Clinton. Hundreds gathered for the services and by the beginning of the funeral there was standing room only. The ceremony began with Devin’s friends and football teammates filing down the aisle and taking a knee one last time for Devin. 

Scripture was read by family and close friends and then Father John Missler gave the eulogy. The Father spoke comforting words to those in attendance, saying that to grieve so whole-heartedly only means that we are full of love and compassion.

Devin’s friend and teammate, Zachery Murphy, said that Devin’s spirit would be at every football game and baseball game that he and his teammates will play. “We had your back, buddy, and now you have our backs from up there,” said Murphy.

It isn’t just Devin’s family that’s mourning or even just our little community, but our state, our nation and our world. Devin’s fight, struggle, hope and love have touched thousands of people. At the end of the ceremony, Devin’s mother Alexis spoke and gave us a reminder of what Devin has done for her and everyone else who knew him or has heard his story, “He has taught us what is important in life, which is love. He brought us together to love each other.”

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