Island Safe Animal Sanctuary rescues NaNa

NaNa with Nancy Benevento-Brown at Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary

Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary at 360 E. State Street in Port Clinton rescued an older stray from the Westlake Police Department on Tuesday. "How can you say no?" said shelter CEO Nancy Benevento-Brown. “We named her NaNa and she is about 10 yrs old; only has 2 teeth. She weighs 8 lbs. and needs some weight. And she is blind and a little deaf. Her ears were filthy, and her nails were curled into the pads of her feet. She must have had a terrible flea infestation and is missing a lot of hair from waist down.”  She was given a medicated bath and ears cleaned and nails trimmed, goes outside to potty and wants to roam the office area. “She does not like to be in her 5 ft X 5 ft kennel at all, which tells me she had a nice home somewhere. But no one was looking for her,” said Benevento-Brown.

“We are looking for someone to help with her on- going care. No donation is too small. She will most likely live out her life here with us,” said Benevento-Brown on Tuesday, “We have many animals here we rescued and they are fine. We may still owe for vetting and medications, but they are here and safe.”

For more information or to help NaNa and the other rescued animals at ISHAS, call 419.960.7487, or check the website at

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