Vote today! List of issues and candidates

Ottawa County Issues:

BCS School District, renewal, 1.2 mills for general ongoing permanent improvements (yes/no)

BCS School District, renewal, 3.9 mills for current operating expenses (yes/no)

Danbury Twp, additional, 1.5 mills for fire protection (yes/no)

EHOVE Vocational School District, replacement, .5 mill for current expenses (yes/no)

Village of Elmore, renewal, 3 mills for maintenance and repair of streets/alleys (yes/no)

Village of Elmore, renewal, 3 mills for solid waste collection (yes/no)

Village of Elmore, renewal, .75 mills for operating recreation facilities and parks(yes/no)

Harris Twp, additional, 4.5 mills for emergency medical services (yes/no)

Harris Twp 4, new, local liquor option- Schedel Gardens D-6 liquor permit (yes/no)

Port Clinton School District, renewal, 2.3 mills for current expenses (yes/no)

City of Port Clinton, new, natural gas aggregation with opt out (yes/no)

Portage Twp 2, new, local liquor opteration- Ciao Bella D-6 liquor permit (yes/no)

Put-In-Bay Twp, renewal, 1.2 mills for fire protection (yes/no)

Woodmore School District, renewal, 5.75 mills, emergency requirements (yes/no)

Ottawa County Candidates:

Allen Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) Craig Blausey, Scott Everhardt

Bay Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) Jerry Blatt, Denton Glovinsky, Mel McCord Jr., Mark Howerth, Benny Peterson

BCS School Board: (vote for 3) Jeffery Dornbusch, Jamie Lynn Tooman, Kimberly Dusseau

Benton Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) Kenneth Leist, James Buhro, Wesley Gahler, Edward Dusseau

Carroll Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) Kenneth Gyde, Richard James Keiser, Rodney Biggert Sr., Joseph Verb, Phillip James Deluca, Allan Weirich

Catawba Island Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) Matthew Montowski, William Rofkar

Clay Center Council: Mark Franks, Steve Hochanadel

Clay Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) Mitchell Hoyles, Donald Hoeft, Gaylord Sheldon, Matthew Widmer

Danbury School Board: (vote for 3) John Kosa, Reba Bishoff

Danbury Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) John Paul Dress, David Hirt, Charles Scott, John Englebeck

Elmore Board of Public Affairs: Alvin Lee Roepke

Elmore Council: (vote for 4)Richard Claar, Matthew Danschroder, William Kieffer, Thomas Charles Deitemyer

Erie Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) Frederick Bice, Dale Thomas Collins

Genoa Council: (vote for 4) Kenneth Harsanje Sr., David Brown, Raymond St. Marie, John Lewis

Genoa School Board: (vote for 3) Christopher Goetz, Kimberly Traver, James Brossia

Harris Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) Carol Baker Dan Laity, Beverly Haar, Steve Holland

Lake Local School District: (vote for 3) Brad Delventhal, Tim Krugh, Monica Leppelmeier

Marblehead Council: (vote for 4) John Starcher, Dean Dorko, David Redet

Marblehead Board of Public Affairs: E. Lynn App

North Bass School Board: (vote for 3) Mary Stonerook, Dale Stonerook, James Yelensky

North Point Educational Service Ctr.(vote for 2) Paul Lockwood II, Randall Macko

Oak Harbor Council: (vote for 4) Jacqueline Macko, Susan Rahm, Bradley Weis

Oak Harbor Mayor: William Eberle

Port Clinton Treasurer: Edna Hansen

Port Clinton Auditor: (vote for 1) Bert Fall, Cole Hatfield

Port Clinton City Council, ward 1A: (vote for 1) Ron Aukerman, Kassie Anderson

Port Clinton City Council, ward 2A: (vote for 1) Mark Coppeler, Jerry Tarolli

Port Clinton City Council, ward 3A: (vote for 1) Margaret Phillips, Trish McCartney

Port Clinton City Council, ward 4A: (vote for 1) Gabe Below

Port Clinton Municipal Judge: Frederick Hany II

Port Clinton City School Board: (vote for 3) Barbara Drusbacky, Michele Mueller, Paul Edward Shaw

Portage Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) Sam Conte, Keith Heileman

Put-In-Bay Council: (vote for 4) Jeffry William Koehler, Lee Krendl, Terry Bodenbender, Jacob Douglas Market

Put-In-Bay School Board: (vote for 3) Michael Byrnes, Joy Cooper, Karen Goaziou, Dennis Uszak

Put-In-Bay Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) William Dale Burris, Matthew Miller, Christopher Cooper, Scott Pugh

Rocky Ridge Council: (vote for 4) Brenda Sue Fastinger, Rita Buehler, Emil Lee Bloomfield

Salem Twp Trustee: (vote for 2) Victor Harder, Ronald Buehler

Wood Cty. Educational Service Ctr: (vote for 3) Kenneth Ault, Timothy Meyer, Judith Paredes

Woodmore Local School District: (vote for 2) Grant Cumming, Joseph Liszak, Sean Rizor

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