Holiday Bureau asking for your support

The Ottawa County Holiday Bureau is once again preparing for its 51st year serving the Community.  The Holiday Bureau has always had a strong base of support from individuals, schools, churches and businesses and we hope that legacy will continue this year.  During the Christmas season, the Holiday Bureau makes preparations to help individuals and families in need in Ottawa County.  Assistance from the community is essential by donating food, toys and money.

In 2012, our goals were realized through contributions we received from you.  Because of the kindness of the community we were able to help 828 families in Ottawa County.  That meant helping 2,662 individuals. 1328 of those were children 18 years and younger.                                

If you would like to donate, volunteer or need assistance please contact one of the representatives in your area by December 1st.

Genoa/Elmore (Allen-Clay-Harris Township) Chairperson Kathy Mapes 419-654-6273

Oak Harbor (Benton-Carrol-Salem) Contact personLarry Coats 419-862-2545

Catawba Township Contact person Judy McKenna 419-797-2941

Danbury Township Chairperson Judy Just 419-798-4163

Port Clinton (Bay –Erie-Portage) Chairperson Bonnie Kaspar 419-734-2930 Facebook @ Ottawa County Holiday Bureau

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