Christmas comes early for Devin Kohlman and residents of Port Clinton Featured

Adams Street park decorated for Devin

It’s fitting that Christmas lights are being hung around our town. With the warmth and love for Devin Kohlman that everyone is giving, it really does feel like the magic of Christmas in Port Clinton. On Monday, Oct. 28, at 11 a.m., dubbed “11 for Devin”, residents, well-wishers, city workers, business owners and others gathered at Adams Street Park to decorate the gazebo with Christmas decorations for Devin. Alejandro “Hondo” Zapata had a big hand in promoting updates on Facebook on Devin’s condition and any events that benefit Devin, his mom Alexis and his family. Zapata, who is a local DJ with many connections to people around Port Clinton and the Port Clinton area and who was also Devin’s baseball coach, was a perfect candidate to broadcast the updates. “I just want to help out anyway possible. I’ve known Alexis since we were little kids. I’ve lost my dad, my mom, and Johnny B; people ask me how I deal with it. I pray. That’s what Devin needs right now is our prayers and support,” said Zapata.

When entering Alexis’ apartment on Second Street, there are signs for Devin all over the apartment that his friends have made showing support for him and his journey. The Christmas tree was lit and decorated, lights were strung on the wall and a big group of Devin’s friends were there by his side. Devin seemed very happy to be with his family and his friends surrounded by the warmth of the Christmas decorations. 

Alexis Kohlman taking a photo of Devin and his friends

Alexis said that after a nap, she was going to turn Devin’s bed toward the window so he could see the progress of the decorating at Adams Street Park. “I just want to thank the whole community. There are no words to express my gratitude and appreciation for everything everyone has done. I feel that I was already lucky enough by just having Devin being a part of my life. I am honored to be his mom,” said Alexis.

At 5:30 p.m. 93 red and black balloons were released in honor of Devin. 93 was his football number. There was also a gathering at Adams Street Park with hot chocolate, cookies and Christmas carols. Devin had a great Christmas Monday night. Here’s to hoping he gets every kid’s dream and has two Christmases this year.

Zapata said that a plan is in the works to have a Christmas party benefit at Lock, Dock and Barrel for Devin, but the date and time of that event is to be determined.

To make donations to help Devin and him mom, Alexis, contact US Bank to donate to a trust that is set up especially for the family. For the Port Clinton US Bank Branch, which is located at 142 E. Second Street, call 419-734-2145.

To show support for Devin, Port Clinton residents are asked to put out Christmas decorations early, and well-wishers from near and far are asked to send Christmas cards to Devin Kohlman, 217 E. Second Street, Port Clinton, OH, 43452.

Christmas for Devin

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