Expansion of library service boundaries at Ida Rupp

  • Written by  Deborah Loiacono, Director, Ida Rupp Public Library

Ohio enjoys one of the most highly regarded public library systems in the country, because Ohio citizens have steadfastly supported libraries with their tax dollars.  The customers of Ida Rupp Public Library are enthusiastic library advocates.  They truly care about their library, and they champion the role the library maintains as the center of the community.  

In 1922, the management of the library was turned over to the Port Clinton Board of Education.  Until 2012, the Ida Rupp Public Library served the Port Clinton City School District, which included Bay, Catawba, Erie, and Portage Townships.  As a county extension library, Ida Rupp was also responsible for service areas of the county without public library systems, including Danbury and Put-in-Bay Townships.

A seven-member Board of Trustees governs Ida Rupp. The Port Clinton Board of Education appoints these board members; however, the library board is an independent entity. The Board of Education does not supervise, control, or direct the library board. All tax revenue earmarked for library use goes directly to the library, not through the Board of Education. 

With the passage of Library Omnibus Bill 321 in 2012, county extension designation was eliminated by the General Assembly.  This left Ida Rupp Public Library without legal authority to provide services to the residents of Put-in-Bay and Danbury Townships.  The Ida Rupp Public Library Board of Trustees and administration wanted to continue to serve those areas.  So we asked the State Library of Ohio to formally expand our boundaries.  As a result, Ida Rupp is now officially a school district library serving the Port Clinton City School District, Danbury Local School District, Put-in-Bay Local School District, Middle Bass Island Local School District, and North Bass Local School District.  

This resulted in three significant changes. Ida Rupp has the opportunity to provide expanded services to Danbury and Put-in-Bay townships; Danbury and Put-in-Bay taxpayers will join Port Clinton School District taxpayers in contributing to library funding; and any new or renewed levies must be voted on by, and assessed to, taxpayers throughout the entire six-township service area: Bay, Catawba, Erie, Portage, Put-in Bay, and Danbury.

Ida Rupp Library continues to operate a branch in Put-in-Bay, and provides book-drops, extensive outreach services, programming, and homebound deliveries in Danbury Township.  We bring library services to the Danbury Schools and the Danbury Senior Center.    

Like our patrons, we believe that the Ida Rupp Public Library is a real gem.  What makes us so special?  The community we serve.  Port Clinton, Catawba, Erie Islands, Lakeside, Marblehead, and Danbury are filled with people who care about their neighbors and their library.  The continued support of our Friends of the Library and area residents make us the hub of our community for education, entertainment, enlightenment, and so much more.  Please come see us soon in person at 310 Madison Street or online at  You are sure to find us as warm and welcoming as the people we serve.

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