Village Square: Marblehead, a unique village

  • Written by  Councilwoman Vickie Kozak

An excerpt from the Village Mission Statement states “to enhance the quality of life in the Village through beautification programs”. Nature gave us a head start with the breath-taking views that we all share from our three shores, ie; the islands to the north, Huron and the lighthouse to the east and Sandusky Bay with Cedar Point, Bay Point and Johnson’s Island to the south.

The accompanying photo shows the west entrance to our village on State Route 163. The beautiful landscaping there is provided by our seasonal maintenance worker Steve Dress. Steve has some exceptional talent with his green thumb as he also created all the stunning planters located through-out the village.

Our maintenance crew, led by Bryan Lucas, also decorate our village from one end to the other with American flags on all appropriate holidays and also James Park during the Christmas season.

The Lighthouse Historical Society does a wonderful job of decorating the lighthouse and its grounds during the holidays. It is truly worth the trip to view the site.

The Marblehead business owners are in the process of purchasing and installing banners along Main St. depicting the lighthouse and welcoming people to our village.

The village will be purchasing holiday banners and brackets to be hung on Main St. during the holiday season.

In closing, the village maintenance crew must be commended for their diligence in keeping the parks, streets and cemetery in pristine condition. The Village of Marblehead shines due to their commitment and makes us ‘Village Proud’!

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