Celebrate Lent at Taize service

A Taize Prayer Service is planned at 7 p.m. Sunday, March 11, at Peach Lutheran Church.
Taize is a prayer service of quiet meditation, reflection, scripture and prayers, spoken and sung.  The Taize — pronounced teh-ZAY — tradition began in 1940 in an ecumenical monastic community in the French village of Taize. The music is a distinctive part of the service, written to allow for participation by a multi-lingual congregation without hymnals. The hymns are brief, simple and repeated many times in order that the words may descend from our lips to our hearts.

The service is paced slowly and designed to quiet our minds and souls to make within us a place where the Holy Spirit may dwell, and God’s voice heard. This is difficult in our multi-media society that is accustomed to the television, cable, computers, instant messaging, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, texting, cell phones/smart phones/iPhones, iPods and iPads. The Taize service offers an opportunity slow down, quiet our minds and hearts, relax, settle our nerves, and allow God’s strength to flow quietly into us.
This Lenten prayer service will be lead by Rev. Robert Butcher, retired pastor emeritus of Firelands Presbytherian Church, and Gregory Fox, retired choral director. Peace Lutheran Church, Rev. Mike Wiechers, pastor, has offered their worship space for this ecumenical service.

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