United Way in Ottawa County launches campaign with Day of Caring Featured

Joy Roth, Allison Rhoda and Kristen Gerwin prepare to paint lines on the basketball court at Conestoga West End Park.

Chairman of the Advisory Board for United Way in Ottawa County Bill St. Leger kicks of the 2014 United Way campaign.

But first, we measure, says volunteer Loren Bryant of USGypsum.

USGypsum team spreads mulch at the West End playground. On Friday morning at the Sutton Center in Port Clinton The United Way in Ottawa County help the kickoff of their 2014 campaign with a breakfast meeting and a day of caring. Live United tshirts and jeans were the appropriate attire, as many of those in attendance went from the meeting to work on projects at the Conestoga West End park. 

Karen Mathison, CEO of United Way of Greater Toledo, emphasized that this is the 95th anniversary of United Way. “More than 2000 times the phone rang in Ottawa County from people asking for help.”The idea of community is no small thing,” said Mathison.”When all kids and families have the benefits of United Way, we all win.” To the dozens of caring attendees, Mathison said, “The world is run by people that show up. Thank you all for showing up.”

Chip Carstensen, President of Block Communications, United Way of Greater Toledo Campaign Chair for 2014, emphasized that “this campaign is all about kids. We are paying it forward. When we were kids, somebody paid it forward for our benefit.”

Carstensen put out a call for the 80% of working people that don’t give to Unitied Way. 

Christine Galvin, Area Director of United Way in Ottawa County, asked the question, “What is it that our kids need? How can we, right here, make sure that every kid in Ottawa County has the chance to be the wonderful people that you are? We are funding great programs right now. We need to fund more.”

The volunteers then adjourned to the First Official Day of Caring in Ottawa County, upgrading the West End playgrounds and then working with the kids after school.

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