The Battle of Lake Erie Featured

“Perry’s Victory on Lake Erie (1814)”, by Thomas Birch, now on display at the Toledo Museum of Art.

For Monday’s re-enactment of the Battle of Lake Erie, following is a list of ships and those they will be portraying:

Tall Ship: Portraying 

Appledore: IVUS Schooner Scorpion

Madeline: US Schooner Somers

Pathfinder: US Schooner Tigress

Playfair: US Schooner Porcupine

Pride of Baltimore: IIUS Brig Caledonia

Privateer Lynx: US Schooner Ariel

Schooner Hindu: US Sloop Trippe

Tall Ship Windy: US Brig Lawrence

US Brig Niagara: US Brig Niagara

Denis Sullivan: HMS Lady Prevost

Friends Good Will: HMS Little Belt

Halie & Matthew: HMS Queen Charlotte

Liana’s Ransom: HMS Chippewa

Sorlandet: HMS Detroit

Unicorn: HMS General Hunter

The Battle, Sept. 19, 1813:

Dawn: A lookout spots six British vessels to the NW past Rattlesnake Island.

7 a.m: American squadron sails from Put-in-Bay harbor.

10 am. Wind shifts in favor of American fleet.

Just before the battle, Commmander Oliver Hazard Perry raises the “Dont Give up the Ship” flag, the dying words of his friend Captain James Lawrence, killed on June 1, 1813.

11:45 a.m. British flagship Detroit fires the first shot.

12:15 p.m.Commander Perry, aboard the brig Lawrence, fires at the British fleet.

2:40 p.m. The Lawrence is a floating wreck, having been the sole target of the British fleet. Perry four and four unwounded crew members man the Lawrence’s longboat and row through a hail of shot to the Niagara, where he takes command.

Perry, aboard the Niagara, maneuvers past the Detroit and during maneuvers to turn their ships the Detroit and Queen Charlotte collide and become entangled. Perry turns the Niagara, unleashing both broadsides and the Americans ravage the vulnerable British ships.

3 p.m. A few minutes after 3 p.m., the four largest British vessels surrender one by one.

Perry says, “We have met the enemy and they are ours. Two ships, two brigs, one schooner and one sloop.”

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