For Stan Galliher, community involvement makes a difference

Stan Galliher moved to Port Clinton in Nov. 2012 and has been enjoying the community ever since.  Port Clinton offered various activities Stan was interested in and that’s what drew him to the area. He’s had the chance to explore and meet many in the community.  He began his journey by participating in the United Way Volleyball challenge and served as a bell ringer for the Salvation Army. Stan joined Lake Point Baptist Church where he has met many people including his adopted family. He has continued to get involved in the community by participating in a walk for Autism and joining the Ottawa County Relay for Life “Little Victories team” (Ottawa County Board of DD).


He most recently was a part of the Special Olympics Torch Run and is now a team member of the Ottawa County Rockets Special Olympics Softball team. This year’s softball season has been fun for Stan.  He enjoys playing shortstop and 3rd base, as it allows him to get into the game. For Stan, being a part of the softball team is more than just having fun. He has been able to form friendships with members of the team. He’s excited as their team may have the possibility of going to State this year.

When he’s not on the field, or in the community, Stan works part time for the Clearwater Council of Governments and Common Grounds coffee shop in the Sutton Center. He also enjoys going to local festivals and events, often researching them on the Internet beforehand.  

One thing that would make life easier for Stan is to be able to drive. Stan recently decided to study to obtain his driver’s permit. Although his current transportation, a bicycle, allows him to get back and forth to work and he enjoys the exercise, he is looking forward to driving so he can explore new territories. Stan continues to strive towards becoming more independent and living his dream.  He’s a guy on the go and in the know about Port Clinton. If you find yourself bored or looking for something more in your life, take it from Stan, step out and get involved. You may just find that it’s the best step you ever took.

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