Village Watch program?

Village Watch is a team effort by community members to look out for each other’s safety and to help law enforcement officials protect people and their property against criminal activity.
The Marblehead Police Department has learned that community participation in the fight against crime is essential. One of the most effective ways is to promote information sharing through established neighborhood groups to determine specific problems or needs. The police can then act on this information and report back to the neighborhood group on their progress.

Working together, neighbors learn how to safeguard each other’s homes and property and thus reduce the risk of crime. They become more alert to suspicious circumstances and individuals in their area, and feel more at ease in calling the police for assistance.
Village Watch is not a vigilante organization. Rather it promotes and provides awareness, techniques and tools to assist each of us in making our community a safer and better place to live. Village Watch provides law enforcement with the resource of many more eyes and ears to assist in their efforts to provide services. In short, Village Watch is a pro-active approach to crime prevention and community safety.
Neighborhood meetings promote friendships between neighbors as well as community leaders and members of our police department. Working together we can improve and preserve the lifestyle we have come to appreciate. Together we make the Village of Marblehead a happy, effective and productive community.
If you are a Village resident and would like be part of a Village Watch program, contact Chief Gregory Fultz or Patrolman Casey Joy at 419-798-5881 for information. The Marblehead Police Department will host a meeting regarding the start up of a Village Watch program. The date and time for that meeting will be determined and announced if enough interest is shown.

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