Village Square

By Marblehead Councilman John McDonald

The Marblehead parks have been busy this summer. The parks host baseball and soccer games. Children play on swings and in the sandbox. Numerous activities occur in our park every summer. We are looking into adding playground equipment to enhance James Park and the possibility of covering over the sandbox area for shade. We have talked with a company that does splash parks and looking into providing additional activities for everyone to enjoy the beautiful parks that we have.

As summer is winding down we look forward to the Perch Festival at James Park. This is scheduled for Aug. 24, and is a fun time for all ages. The perch is always hot and delicious and other activities are available for everyone to enjoy. The Lions Club does a great deal of work and planning to bring the community together to enjoy the Perch Festival.

Our maintenance staff does a wonderful job keeping the parks beautiful. We owe a great deal of thanks to Brian Lucas, our Street Commissioner, and to Tom Christ and Steve Dress for keeping our parks in excellent shape. Steve drew the flower arrangements and then planted the flowers at Radar Park, the Gresch property at 214 East Main Street and other areas in town. He has done over and beyond what is expected of his summer help position. The large pots with flowers are a beautiful addition to our village.

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