OCDJFS supports thousands of children with Child Support division

The Child Support division of the Ottawa County Department of Job and Family Services has a caseload of 2,473 and in 2012 collected $6,655,776 in child support payments. 

Ohio bases its child support program on the fundamental belief that children deserve financial support. If children truly are our future, then it is imperative that the child support program aid in the healthy development of children, requiring the emotional and financial support of both parents.  

Aside from public education, the child support program touches the lives of more children and families than any other public program. In fact, the program affects over one million children. 

The child support program ensures parents financially support their children when they are living apart. The program provides many important services, which include collecting child support for families, establishing the legal relationship between children and their parents, enforcing court orders and health insurance coverage. 

Ohio establishes paternity for more than 56,700 children born to unmarried parents each year. The state also has the third largest caseload in the nation, with nearly one million cases, and collects more than $2 billion dollars per year on average. Child support is the second largest source of income for single parent families, making up 39 percent of their total income. Employers collect nearly $1.4 Billion in child support payments each year.

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