Ottawa County Fair School Art Exhibit winners

Ottawa County Fair School Art Exhibit ribbons were issued to the following students throughout Ottawa County.  The School Art Exhibit is coordinated through the efforts of B. Jean Fanning and Sandra Butzin of North Point Educational Service Center and with the support of the Ottawa County Cabinet of Superintendents (Guy Parmigian, Benton-Carroll-Salem Local; Patrick Adkins, Port Clinton City; Daniel Parent, Danbury Local; Dennis Mock, Genoa Area Local; Andrea Smith, North Point E.S.C.; and Linda Bringman, Woodmore Local).

R. C. Waters Elementary

1st Place—Macie Arden, Gr. K
2nd Place—Jenna Buder, Gr. 2
3rd Place—Emily Sommers, Gr. 2

Danbury Elementary School
1st Place—Jaden Owen, Gr. 4
2nd Place—Abby Redett, Gr. 5
3rd Place—Jasmine Crawford, Gr. 2

Danbury Middle School
1st Place—Daleigh Lerch, Gr. 6
2nd Place—Gretta Griesbach, Gr. 6
3rd Place—Tug Tibbels, Gr. 6

Danbury High School
1st Place—Hayley Doski, Gr. 9
2nd Place—Shay Rickard, Gr. 10
3rd Place—Heather Spears, Gr. 11

Genoa Elementary
1st Place—Madison Smith, Gr. 3
2nd Place—Olivia Kimpon, Gr. K
3rd Place—Olivia Meinke, Gr. 2

Genoa Middle School
1st Place—Hayley Kandik, Gr. 8
2nd Place—Kylee Ramsey, Gr. 7
3rd Place—Marissa Pezzino, Gr. 8

St. Boniface Elementary
1st Place—Elijah Karl, Gr. 5
2nd Place—Lannden Schiets, Gr. K
3rd Place—Victoria Fuzinski, Gr. 3

Community Christian Academy
1st Place—Elaina Widmer, Gr. 1
2nd Place—Allison Schutze, Gr. 5
3rd Place—Kiley Gronwall, Gr. 8

Immaculate Conception
1st Place—Alyssa Diaz, Gr. 4
2nd Place—James T. Saffran, Gr. 5
3rd Place—Bianca Scott, Gr. K

Bataan Intermediate School
1st Place—Connor Bechtel, Gr. 4
2nd Place—Ileana Garza, Gr. 5
3rd Place—Elayna Krupp, Gr. 4

Port Clinton Middle School  
1st Place—Maddi Recker, Gr. 7
2nd Place—Amelia Morrow, Gr. 8
3rd Place—Isabelle Rospert, Gr. 7

Port Clinton High School  
1st Place—Kayleigh Householder, Gr. 12
2nd Place—Cameron Albright, Gr. 11
3rd Place—Rachel Chapman, Gr. 12

Woodmore Elementary
1st Place—Autumn Bowen, Gr. 3
2nd Place—Olivia Cook, Gr. 4
3rd Place—Emily Kerecz, Gr. 1

Woodmore High School
1st Place—Trea DeStazio, Gr. 12
2nd Place—Ryan Schiavone, Gr. 10
3rd Place—Trea DeStazio, Gr. 12


Jaden Owen, Grade 4
Danbury Elementary

Maddi Recker, Grade 7
Port Clinton Middle School

Kayleigh Householder, Grade 12
Port Clinton High School

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