Wooden boats and plein air artists enrich Lakeside Featured

Docked along the Lakeside pier and trailered onto the Hotel Lakeside lawn this weekend were gleaming wooden boats--kayaks, dinghys, runabouts, cruisers, sailboats and yachts. The 10th Annual Lakeside Wooden Boat show shared Lakeside’s waterfront with the 47 plein air artists who were painting and exhibiting their canvases. Wally and the Beavs played on the pavilion deck, adding the soundtrack for the festival atmosphere. 

The Lyman, the classic Lake Erie wooden boat, was well represented in its many variations, from a 35’ Lyman Seahawk to a 13’ Lyman sailboat, with nearly half of the boats displayed carrying the Lyman name.

Mame Drackett, Coordinator of the Wooden Boat Show, shared that of this year’s record 71 boats, “the oldest boat is from 1901, the youngest from 2012. The youngest exhibitor is a 9 year old girl, and the oldest exhibitor, Dr. John Kinstle, is exhibiting for the first time.” 

Each boat had a story to tell. The Drackett’s 1930 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit “Tradition” has a companion wooden wagon from Wooden Boat Creations. The wagon awaits the birth of the Drackett’s first grandchild later this year. 

Colin Watson’s 1956 Lyman Runabout is a project that Colin shared with his grandfather John Krohn. Krohn had the unrestored boat sitting in a barn for years. Colin’s hard work helped restore the boat to its former glory.

“White Lightning”, Collin Beachy’s 8’ racer, was the smallest boat in the show. Collin worked on the boat over the winter. The wooden boaters seem to all share a love of the beauty and grace of working with wood. 

The Plein Air Art Festival (“en plein air” means painting in the open air) featured 47 Midwestern artists this year. Artists welcomed visitors to watch as their work on Lakeside scenes evolved over a few hours or days into a finished painting.

Colin Watson and his Lyman.

The Drackett’s “Tradition” and its wagon.

Plein air artist painting on the beach and the finished painting.


For more information on wooden boats, contact the non-profit Lakeside Wooden Boat Society at 

For more information on plein air painting, contact Marblehead plein air artist Rick Dziak at, 419.798.4994, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Wooden boat and plein air Lakeside

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