Cooking up a career at EHOVE

EHOVE Adult Career Center Culinary program graduate Mary Magyar (Bellevue)

EHOVE Adult Career Center is now accepting applications for their Adult Professional Culinary Program.  

The culinary students learn the basics of professional cooking.  They start with knife skills including how to use different knives and how to cut meats, vegetables, fish, etc.  They also learn basic cooking skills including meat cookery, starches, vegetables, soups, sauces, baked goods, and desserts.  Students work on seasonings and international cooking as well. Students will also learn professionalism and employability skills.

 “The culinary field is demanding as well as it is rewarding, but it takes focus and consistency in work habits,” said Adult Education Culinary Instructor Beth Funk.  “The job outlook in this area is strong.  I have employers calling here several times a week with jobs in resorts and convention centers as well as privately owned restaurants.  Most employers want cooks who are trained in multiple skills and have experience in a fast paced environment.  We also get requests for Sous Chefs, Kitchen Managers and Shirft Supervisors.”

The Adult Professional Culinary Program will also explore other culinary careers in catering, farming, sales, product development, and culinary tourism. 

To enroll for the next Adult Professional Culinary Program, contact EHOVE Adult Career Center at 419-499-4663 x280.  More information is available at

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