Beagle bonanza

The shelter at the Humane Society of Ottawa County on Sand Road is packed.
On Jan. 23, Humane Officer Denny Hammond was called by Port Clinton Police to an address on West Second Street. Neighbors had complained that there were a number of dogs at the residence, which had recently been foreclosed on by the bank. It was 9 p.m. when Hammond and police officers arrived.

What they found was a house full of beagle puppies — 13 of them! All of the dogs appeared to be in relatively good shape, but the house was a complete mess. The floors were covered with feces and urine. The police department located the dogs’ owners who were initially reluctant to allow the officers in the house. They eventually relented when told that the officers would just go get a search warrant.
All 13 of the dogs have been rescued and are presently being housed at the Humane Society shelter. According to Hammond, the Humane Society is eager to find foster homes for as many of these dogs as possible.
“We are right now overloaded with dogs,” said Hammond.
He also noted that, amazingly, several of the Beagles are house trained.
The shelter is located at 2424 Sand Road at the corner of Christy Chapel Road. The phone number is 419-734-5191.

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