Walk to Remember

Compassionate Friends walk to Remember

Biodegradable balloon release at City Beach

On Sunday the Compassionate Friends of Ottawa County held their third annual Walk to Remember. The Compassionate Friends of Ottawa County is a chapter of a national organization that actively helps families reach a positive resolution of their grief following the death of a child by any cause and at any age. There are more than 600 chapters of the Compassionate Friends around the United States. The organization is non-profit and is run off of donations and grants.

Around 100 people attended Sunday’s walk that began at Lakeview Park in Port Clinton. Participants wore red signs on their backs with the name of the children they were representing. At the walk there were t-shirts, wishing stones, and photo badges that people could purchase to support the organization and to remember their loved one. After the walk there was a balloon release of biodegradable balloons from City Beach.

Chapter Leader Roseann Hickman led a dedication at the Compassionate Friends of Ottawa County Children’s Memorial at Lakeview Park. The bricks for the Memorial were recycled from the city and used to be a part of Second Street. “The park is shaped in an open circle because the children’s lives that the Memorial represents didn’t come full circle,” said Roseann Hickman in her dedication speech. The sidewalk leading from the corner to the circle is representative of the journey through grief that the parents and families have taken through their time of hardship. At the end of the dedication Port Clinton Mayor Vincent Leone placed flowers on the Memorial. When the dedication was over, participants joined for a pot luck picnic, to get to know each other and to share memories of their children.

The first Monday of every month the Compassionate Friends of Ottawa County hold a meeting at Peace Lutheran Church at 900 S. Jefferson Street, Port Clinton, from 7-9:30 p.m. Meetings are open to parents, adult siblings and grandparents of children who have died at any age, from any cause. Other adult family members are also welcome. For more information about this organization visit

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