Library gets gift painted by its namesake

The Ida Rupp Public Library is delighted to announce that Ida Rupp herself has given the people of Port Clinton another gift, courtesy of Gary Lamsargis and Dr. Laura Shea.  The couple found a painting Ida had done in 1916 and contacted the Library to offer it as a donation.  Their letter accompanied the painting:
“To the Citizens of Port Clinton, Ohio:

This painting appealed to us because it reminded us of a creek bed on our farm.  We’re sending it ‘home’ to you and hope you enjoy it!
Mr. Gary Lamsargis and Dr. Laura Shea  2/4/12”
Stop in to see Ida’s painting above the circulation desk at the Library.  Library staff is delighted to be given something that Ida created for the library that was named for her.

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