Slow down for litter crews

Discarded trash in our communities and along our roadways is ugly and unwanted. It can also be costly in time and maintenance of equipment for township and county road crews when they are working, or mowing along our roadways. Litter is also a hazard for animals in their natural habitats.

In an effort to reduce those costs and the danger of unsightly litter, local agencies are cooperating together to solve the problem. The OSS Solid Waste District contracts with the county Juvenile Courts in Ottawa, Sandusky and Seneca Counties for supervision of a Litter Crew to clean District roadways. Weather permitting; thousands of pounds of debris are being removed from township and county thoroughfares during the course of a year.

The program typically operates April through October; however, if the weather is good, the program can be extended.  Crew members are youth in each county’s jurisdiction who have been assigned community service hours by the Juvenile Court Judge. In 2012 the crews spent 7,240.5 hours cleaning 1,240.5 miles of district roadways. In that time the crews collected 880 trash bags weighing 5,182 pounds. In addition, recyclable materials are separated and are recycled if they can be. The crews collected 300 bags containing recyclable materials (e.g. – aluminum, glass) weighing 1,094 pounds.

The crews for 2013 have already begun picking up litter along the roadways.  If you approach a litter crew working while driving our county and township roadways, please take caution and slow down.

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