Marblehead once again has a market Featured

Marblehead once again has a market

This week the Marblehead Market opened, bringing a place to purchase milk and eggs and beer and wine back to Marblehead. Since Mutach’s Market moved to Danbury Township, Marblehead has been without a market. Willy and Deb Steinbrick saw the need and the opportunity. Their daughter Trudi Lucas, who will also be working at the market, said, “What an inconvenience it has been to not have a place(in town) to get bread and milk.”

Willy and Deb Steinbrick, Trudi and Landon Lucas

Last year the Steinbricks purchased from Ben Richmond the building that houses an antique shop and had other retail space. At their bar, Wee Willy’s, across the street, “many patrons would come in asking for a place to purchase beer,” said Deb. “We had positive response from customers to the idea of opening a convenience-style store.” 

In addition to the market being a convenience for locals, the Steinbricks anticipate a good deal of foot traffic from ferry passengers and tourists.  Marblehead Market features a beer cave, a selection of local wines, coffee and smoothie stations and Chubbie’s Chop Shop for subs and sandwiches and such. There will be a place for people to sit outside to have coffee and donuts or a sandwich.

The Market is warmed by features such as copper ceiling, by a carved pelican that guards the door and by the hospitality of the Steinbricks.

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