Ohio United Way honors four from Ottawa County Featured

Bob Snyder, Bill Van Der Giessen, Pet Weimer, and Christine Galvin.  Photo By Donna Lueke Bob Snyder, Bill Van Der Giessen, Pet Weimer, and Christine Galvin. Photo By Donna Lueke

Galvin, Snyder, Van Der Giessen and Weimer among Ohio’s 100 Heroes

Ohio United Way will celebrate the organization’s 100th anniversary at their Annual Meeting, Wednesday, April 10, at 11:30 a.m. at the Capital Club in Columbus. 

Ohio United Way will use the Annual Legislative Luncheon to celebrate 100 Years - 100 Heroes, recognition of the many individuals from across the state who have improved lives in their communities through service to their local United Way and/or the state organization.  Honorees were nominated by local United Ways and Ohio United Way.

Ohio United Way’s Board Chair, Attorney Clair Dickinson, states:  “Ohio United Way is thrilled to be using the occasion of its anniversary to honor people who have made its work possible:  individuals from across Ohio who have given selflessly to make a positive difference in their communities.”

In 2003 three local developers, Bob Snyder, Bill Van Der Giessen and Pete Weimer; conceived the idea of a Caring Giving Community. These three gentlemen thought this was a way for developments to give back to the larger community as part of a commitment made by all of its residents. The program is designed to be a template for developers and homeowner associations in Ottawa County, and could be expanded throughout the state and perhaps throughout the country. In fact the original Caring Giving Community, Catawba Bay Development, has inspired imitators in Ottawa County and there are now three Caring Giving Communities.

“Giving back to our community through an institution like United Way makes us stronger, caring and creates a better place for all of us to live in so many ways, “says Van Der Giessen, Catawba Bay project developer. 

Supporting United Way through a program of total community support is an ideal way to help build strength needed to provide for all elements of our society, and recognize those special groups willing to stand up and do their part for others. A Caring Giving Community is a program that will reward United Way with a contribution supplied by a portion of the profit from the sale of each home. Additionally, as provided in the community by-laws and subsequent association dues, an annual sum from each property owner will go toward the support of United Way. In so doing, the development will continue to be recognized as a United Way Caring Giving Community.

Since 2003 the Caring Giving Communities in Ottawa County have contributed $82,273 to United Way in Ottawa County.

In addition Ohio United Way is recognizing Christine Galvin and the Conestoga Project. Galvin has been the Ottawa County Director for United Way of Greater Toledo for the past 20 years. Through Christine’s leadership 21 community partners began the Conestoga Program in Port Clinton, transforming neighborhoods, addressing issues such as employment and finding a good job, providing a comfortable home, alcohol & drug addiction, mental health and other issues affecting the neighborhoods.  The program and its success have now spread into Sandusky.

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