Easter Egg Saturday Featured

Easter Egg Saturday

On Saturday morning thousands of pastel plastic eggs were scattered over the lawns, parks and grounds of Ottawa County. By mid-afternoon, most had been harvested by treasurer-seeking children.

In Port Clinton at 10 a.m. over 250 basket and bucket toting youngsters and their entourages fanned out across the courthouse lawn. In a matter of minutes, the lawn was swept clean, and lines gathered for photos with and additional treats from the Easter Bunny. As a bonus, the fire truck that brought the Bunny was available for climbing on and in. The hunt was sponsored by the Port Clinton Recreation Department.

By 1 p.m. at James Park in Marblehead the welcome sun had warmed the air and earth enough that the egg hunters there were not encumbered by heavy coats. The entire park was strewn with eggs, courtesy of the Easter Bunny and helpers from the Marblehead Fire Department. Not only did the children gather many treasures, but they had the bonus of the exercise of running the park grounds from egg to egg. The Easter Bunny arrived by fire truck and posed for photos in the shelter house. Fire-truck climbing was again a popular event.

At East Harbor at 2 p.m. the Easter Bunny and helpers from Friends of East Harbor Park clustered around the shelter house at the campground before beginning their egg hunt. It was observed that the Easter Bunny was fuzzier at East Harbor. Perhaps he/she was frazzled from a hectic day of public appearances.

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