Ice ... here and then gone

This weekend was the first time ice formed locally on Lake Erie. First ice

Cathy and Bob Adorni of Perry Street provided a photo of the ice formations right at Port Clinton’s City Beach over the weekend. But it didn’t last long.

Ice floes on the Portage River were moving at a rapid pace on Monday. Early morning heavy rains and warm temperatures caused a major snow melt on Monday. Aided by a 40-knot southwesterly wind, the current in the Portage River was unusually fast carrying these ice floes out to Lake Erie.

Unfortunately for the ice fishermen, the really cold weather didn’t stick around, as highs went back into the 30s and 40s and Mother Nature even dumped thunderstorms on the area Sunday night.

A chance of rain continues throughout the week, until temperatures are forecasted to drop into the 20s again this weekend, when we might see more snow flurries.

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