Catawba Island Township Recycling Containers have moved to new location

Local officials recently met to address issues with the Catawba Island Township recycling program. 

Trustees met with representatives from OSS Solid Waste District and Rumpke, the company that services the recycling containers for the township. 

In order to better serve the residents of the township a decision was made to move the recycling containers to the township administrative building parking lot at 4822 East Cemetery Road from the location at the West Harbor Boat Launch parking lot off Route 53.

This is an ongoing effort to find the best location for the recycling containers and to ensure the continued successful operation of the program. 

OSS Solid Waste District officials told trustees that the township location collects the most material of all the 41 locations across the District. 

For questions concerning the recycling program please contact the OSS Solid Waste District at 419-334-7222.

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