Worship sites in Ottawa County

St. Mary's Marblehead St. Mary's Marblehead photo by Donna Lueke

Following is a list of worship sites in Ottawa County that we have compiled from several sources.

If you have any additions or subtractions for this directory, if your church has a website that you would like listed or if there are news or event items or photos for your place of worship, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , fax The Beacon at 419-734-5382 or stop in The Beacon office at 205 SE Catawba Road, Port Clinton.

Whatever your tradition, may you have a blessed holiday and a peaceful new year.


Trinity United Church of Christ    17955 W. 3rd St.    Elliston    419-862-3481

Bethel United Brethren Church    2920 S. State Route 590    Elmore    419-862-3966
Christ Community Church     303 4th St.    Elmore    419-855-4187
Elmore Church of God    310 Congress    Elmore    419-862-3481
Grace Lutheran Church    19225 W. Witty Rd.    Elmore    419-862-3630
Heritage Baptist Church    353 Maple St.    Elmore    419-862-3137
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses     19550 W. State Rte. 51    Elmore    419-862-3151
St. John's United Church of Christ    448 E. Rice St.    Elmore    419-862-3511
St. Paul Trinity United Methodist Church    340 Toledo St.    Elmore    419-852-3504
Trinity Lutheran Church    412 Fremont St.     Elmore    419-862-3461

Genoa Christian Church    415 Main St.    Genoa    419-855-3464
Lemoyne Baptist Church    25020 Bradner Rd.    Genoa    419-837-5408
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church    204 Main St.    Genoa    419-855-8501
St. John's United Church of Christ    1213 Washington St.    Genoa    419-855-3906
Trinity United Methodist Church    Main and Fourth    Genoa    419-855-4187

St. Mark Lutheran Church    1700 Walker St.     Graytown    419-287-4411
Zion United Methodist Church    18045 N. William    Graytown    419-862-3166

Church of Truth Ministries    745 S. Lake Rd.    Gypsum    419-577-4903

Lakeside United Methodist Church    450 Central Ave.    Lakeside    419-798-5119
Chapel on the Lake    145 S. Bridge Rd.    Marblehead    419-732-2028
First United Church of Christ    802 Prairie    Marblehead    419-798-4612
Holy Assumption Russian Orthodox Church    114 E. Main St.    Marblehead  419-798-4591 
St. John Lutheran Church    114 Stone St.    Marblehead    419-798-4162
St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church    802 Barclay    Marblehead    419-798-5460
St. Mary's Byzantine Catholic Church    506 E. Main St.    Marblehead    419-798-4283
St. Paul Lutheran Church    541 Church Rd.    Marblehead    419-734-1662

St. Peter Lutheran Blackberry Corners    17877 W. State Rte. 579    Martin    419-836-2440
Church of God    8932 W. State Rte. 163    Oak Harbor    419-898-1275
Grace Baptist Church    325 S. Toussaint Portage Rd.    Oak Harbor    419-898-4002
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses    7701 W. State Rte. 163    Oak Harbor    419-898-3000
Oak Harbor Alliance Chapel    11805 W. State Rte. 105    Oak Harbor    419-898-7165
Oak Harbor United Methodist Church    360 E. Ottawa St.    Oak Harbor    419-898-8481
Shoreline Church    769 Locust St.    Oak Harbor    419-898-6700
St. Boniface Catholic Church    215 Church St.    Oak Harbor    419-898-2212
St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church    122 Ottawa St.    Oak Harbor    419-898-6474
St. John Lutheran Church    450 N. Rocky Ridge Rd.     Oak Harbor    419-898-1058
St. Paul Lutheran Church    9789 W. Oak Harbor Southeast Rd.    Oak Harbor    419-898-0908
St. Paul's United Church of Christ    165 Toussaint St.    Oak Harbor    419-898-0852

Erie Shores Assembly of God    220 S. Gill    Port Clinton    419-734-3322
Faith United Methodist Church    430 Jackson St.    Port Clinton    419-732-3549
Firelands Presbyterian Church    2626 E. Harbor Rd.    Port Clinton    419-734-6211           
Grace Baptist Church    4650 E. Port Clinton Eastern Rd.    Port Clinton    419-732-3964
Grace United Church of God and Christ    1229 E. State St.    Port Clinton    419-732-2226
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church    424 Madison St.     Port Clinton    419-734-4004
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses    620 Jefferson    Port Clinton    419-734-9211
LaPointe United Methodist Church    7325 W. Harbor Rd.    Port Clinton    419-898-5971
Lighthouse Worship Center    570 S. McKinley     Port Clinton    419-734-5626
Peace Lutheran Church    900 S. Jefferson    Port Clinton    419-732-3800
Port Clinton Baptist Church    978 Limestahl Rd.    Port Clinton    419-734-1410
Port Clinton Bible Church    150 Maple St.    Port Clinton    419-732-2426
Port Clinton Church of the Nazarene    205 W. Fourth St.    Port Clinton    419-732-3035
Rebirth Community Church    PO Box 924    Port Clinton    419-734-4304
Resurrection Lutheran Church    2370 NE Catawba Rd.    Port Clinton    419-798-4628
St. John Lutheran Church    207 Adams St.     Port Clinton    419-734-5548
St. Paul Episcopal Church    619 NW Catawba Rd.    Port Clinton    419-285-5981
St. Thomas Episcopal Church    214 E. Second St.    Port Clinton    419-734-3404
The Wesleyan Church    515 E. Fifth St.    Port Clinton    419-732-3549
Trinity United Methodist Church    135 Adams St.    Port Clinton    419-732-3161

Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church    620 Catawba Rd.    Put-in-Bay    419-285-2741         
St. Paul's Episcopal Church    623 County Rd. 215    Put-in-Bay    419-285-5981

St. John Lutheran Church    21140 W. Toledo St.    Williston    419-836-5514

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