Public officials sworn in on Friday

Officials elected to public office in Ottawa County will assume their positions in early January. They will take their oaths of office in a public ceremony at 4 p.m. on Friday, Dec 21. 

The Honorable Arlene Singer, Judge of the Sixth District Court of Appeals in Toledo, will administer the oath to persons elected to county offices from the Democratic Party.  Bruce Winters, Judge of the Ottawa County Court of Common Pleas, will preside.
Taking the oath are those who are elected to their offices for the first time.  They are Dan Cadigan, Coroner; Gary Kohli, Clerk of Courts; Steve Levorchick, Sheriff; and JoEllen Regal, Commissioner. 
Also taking their oaths are those people who were re-elected to county offices.  They are David Brunkhorst, Engineer, Mark Mulligan, Prosecuting Attorney; and Virginia Park, Recorder. Robert Hille, Treasurer, was also re-elected in the November election. He will assume the duties of office for his next term in early September and will take his oath of office just prior to that date.
Judge Winters will administer oaths to Sarah Nation and James Van Eerten, who will continue to serve as Magistrates of the Common Pleas Court, General Division. 

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