OSU and Go Blue wherever you were on Saturday

Michigan and OSU fans mingle at Catawba Inn. Michigan and OSU fans mingle at Catawba Inn.

By Donna Lueke
The Saturday after Thanksgiving, after the turkey has been consumed, thanks have been given and black Friday shopping has been accomplished, is The Game.

The annual OSU-Michigan football rivalry was ranked by ESPN in 2000 as the greatest North American sports rivalry. This year was the 108th game in the rivalry that began in 1897.
From the Catawba Inn at the northern tip of the North Coast, to other watering holes and in many living rooms, The Game was celebrated. In an informal survey it was determined that Buckeye fans outnumbered Wolverine followers approximately five to one.
At Cleats in Danbury township, there were two Michigan fans in a sea of Buckeye Red. Actually, there was one. Steve and Vicki Reissig were both wearing Michigan shirts but Steve was wearing an OSU shirt under the Michigan shirt and on his back was pinned a note that said “I lost a bet.” At their first year anniversary celebration this year Vicki and Steve collected from guests for their charities, Vicki for the Lymphoma Foundation and Steve for the Wounded Warrior Project, in honor of family members. Vicki collected $50 more than Steve, winning the bet to have Steve wear a Michigan shirt during the OSU-Michigan game. When asked whether part of the bet was for Steve to cheer for Michigan, Vicki laughingly  said that “there are limits”. ]
And yes, by the way, OSU won the game, 26-21.

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