Dziak painting inspires novel cover

“No Swimming” “No Swimming”

A painting by Rick Dziak of Marblehead titled “No Swimming” was chosen for use on the cover of a newly released novel by Linda Lehmann Masek.

The book is titles “The Serpent Sea”, and was published by Fireside Publications II of Summerfield, FL.
Ms. Masek saw a photo of the painting on the Dziak Gallery website and sought use of the image through the Gallery. The image was cropped and adjusted to fit the needs of the cover, and Mr. Dziak was given credit for the work in the book. In the Acknowledgements, Ms. Masek states, “I am so very grateful to Rick Dziak, OPA, of Dziak Gallery in Marblehead, Ohio, for allowing the use of an image of his painting ‘No Swimming’, to be used on the cover of this book. It would have been nearly impossible to find a picture to more accurately depict the setting of ‘The Serpent Sea’ than this scene. Thank you, Rick!”
The painting shows a small beach with driftwood and a building in the background which leads to a dock or a wharf. In actuality, the building is the pavilion at the dock in Lakeside. The setting for the novel is in Key West, but works with the descriptions of the area where most of the action takes place.
Linda Lehman Masek is a teacher-librarian with advanced degrees from Cleveland State and Case Western Reserve universities. Her diverse writing talents are shown in the differing genres of her previous books. She has penned more than 100 newspaper and journal articles, is an accomplished artist, pianist and photographer. Her varied interests also include providing tutorial services to students with disabilities, helping to find homes for rescued animals and bicycling.
Books by Linda Lehmann Masek include: “Mag-ni-fi-cat”, a children’s cat book; “The Poison Tree”, a historical mystery novel;  and “Soul Dance”, a romantic suspense novel.
Dziak Gallery has a limited number of autographed copies of “No Swimming” at 810 W. Main Street in Marblehead. A tentative book signing is scheduled for spring at the gallery. The gallery is usually open Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 4 p.m. or by appointment. Contact Rick or Mary Dziak at 419-798-4994, 419-494-4445 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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