Once again Ottawa County is a predictor of Presidential election Ohio puts Obama over the top again

By Donna Lueke
In every election since 1944, Ottawa County has been a predictor of the winner of the presidential election, and so again in 2012.

Stretching from Clay Center to the Marblehead Lighthouse, the longest county in Ohio extended its longest-in-Ohio-counties winning streak of picking the President of the United States.
At 9:14 p.m., with all precincts reporting, the unofficial Ottawa County results were announced. Barack Obama and Joe Biden received 11,214 votes (51%) to 10,323 (47%) for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. A little more than an hour later, networks began to announce that President Obama was projected to take Ohio’s electoral votes, and so had been re-elected.
72% of registered voters in Ottawa County cast ballots in this year’s heavily contested election. President Obama, Jack Nicklaus, Crystal Bowersox and Mitt Romney’s son Matt all campaigned in Ottawa County this election season. Obama’s Organizing for America group brought in field organizers from California and New York to energize local volunteers and supporters to persuade undecided voters and get out the vote for Obama/Biden. A woman with local connections drove up from Texas to volunteer and help canvas for Obama/Biden.
Ottawa County’s numbers also predicted/reflected the results in Ohio races for Senate and Representative.
In the U.S. Senate race, Democratic incumbent Senator Sherrod Brown received 11,019 votes (50 %) to Josh Mandel’s 9,657 (44%).
U.S. House Representative Marcy Kaptur, Democrat, was also re-elected. In Ottawa County she received 6,783 (59%)of the votes to Samuel Wurzelbacher’s 4,328 (38%).
Gabe DeFreitas, 15, of Port Clinton has been working on Democratic campaigns since May. His reaction to their re-election was simply, “I am so happy. Now I need to catch up on my homework.”

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