Democratic challengers unseat Republican incumbents in Commissioner and Coroner races

Jodi Regal hears the news of her election at the Democratic gathering at PCYC Jodi Regal hears the news of her election at the Democratic gathering at PCYC

In the most heavily contested Ottawa County race JoEllen Regal was elected County Commissioner over Republican incumbent Mark Stahl. 

Regal received 11,270 votes (53.7 %) to Stahl’s 9,718 (46.3%).
 “First, I am going to celebrate tonight. I am excited. I am glad it is over.” Said Regal. Then, when she takes office in January, “I want to talk to department heads to see what they need the Commissioners need to do.”

In the other Ottawa County Commissioner race, Republican Steve Arndt was re-elected, 11,906 (57%), over John Huffman, 8,853 (43%).

County Commissioner Jim Sass welcomed Jodi Regal and said, “Having a woman’s perspective will be helpful and interesting. Jodi brings a lot of experience to the position. I am looking forward to (working with Jodi).” Sass also emphasized that, “The D and R have to take a back seat. We need to just do the right things.”

Dr. Daniel Cadigan was elected County Coroner over Republican incumbent Dr. Jerome McTague, 13,558 ( 65%) to 7,165 (35%). When asked what would be the first thing he would do, he replied, “First, I am going to celebrate my son’s 12th birthday tomorrow. He was born on Election Day in 2000. Then, in January, I am going to line up things to get a Deputy Coroner, so we can be accountable again.”

Former County Commissioner Carl Koebel reacted to Cadigan’s election by saying, “I am not afraid to die now that we have a coroner.”

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