Ottawa County Commissioner and Coroner candidates

In Ottawa County’s contested races in the Nov. 6 General Election, Jo Ellen Regal, Mark Stahl and Steve Arndt are running to fill two County Commissioner seats.

Dr. Daniel Cadigan and Dr. Jerome McTague are running for County Coroner.  The Beacon asked each candidate to submit his/her reasons as to why they would make the best officeholder. Dr. McTague did not respond. 

Steve Arndt

Why am I the best candidate for County Commissioner?

A County Commissioner does more than manage a office, we manage a government. Because our primary responsibility is that of the appropriating authority we must possess a good working knowledge of all of the county’s operations and responsibilities. County government serves at the pleasure of the state, implementing their programs, policies and Constitutional requirements.

Having said that it takes years to fully understand the breath of county government. Serving in leadership positions in the County Commissioners Association of Ohio on various committees such as Jobs and Economic Development and Infrastructure, Public Safety and Criminal Justice, Human Serves and Workforce Development and various State Task Forces has given me the working knowledge and understanding of the legal requirements in these critical areas.

The past four years have been some of the most economically challenging times for Federal and State governments but it becomes acutely apparent at the delivery point, County government. Because those pressures remain, my 24 years of knowledge and proven ability to manage our more than $100 million dollar operations will prove to be invaluable in preserving the health

Jo Ellen Regal

One of the main responsibilities of a county commissioner is to be the budgeting and appropriating authority for the county.  As county auditor I have an understanding of the budget and the budgeting process. I believe that knowledge is needed in the commissioner’s office during difficult budget times.

I also have the leadership skills needed to be an effective commissioner. As an independent thinker I am not afraid to ask the tough questions and do the necessary research to make the best decisions for the residents of Ottawa County. I would bring a common sense management style to the office.

A commissioner also needs to be a good listener. I believe it is important to communicate effectively with the residents of the county as well as the other elected officials, department heads and employees of the county. I believe that better decisions are made if you are willing to talk about and listen to different ideas even if they are not the same as yours.

Your vote on November 6th will bring fiscal experience, proven leadership, independent thinking, trust and integrity to the county commissioner’s office.

Mark Stahl

My name is Mark Stahl and I currently serve you as your county commissioner.  I am seeking re-election to the office of Ottawa County Commissioner in the November 6, 2012, election.

Four years ago, I campaigned on the promise to provide government leadership and financial responsibility through effective and efficient management of the budget of Ottawa County. As the economy continues to be soft, we budgeted to make Ottawa County financially stronger. We balanced the budget and increased our cash reserves without seriously effecting public services. We did this by partnering with all stakeholders and this success was built on solutions offered by all stakeholders. We continue to look for ways to streamline our operations and have developed partnerships with all stakeholders to provide solutions to cost containment.

The budgetary crisis at the federal and state levels present future financial challenges for Ottawa County. As their present financial commitment to us decreases, the demand for services remains. We will continue to budget for the financial challenges that our county will experience in the future. Together, we can ensure Ottawa County’s success for the future.

Dr. Daniel Cadigan

I believe I am the best candidate for Ottawa County Coroner.  The Coroner’s duties include responding to requests for attendance in Coroner’s cases, and to timely complete and file documents. As a family physician, I have been available when called by Ottawa County residents for 17 years.  I will continue to be available.

I live and work in the county and can attend a scene when requested. Not all medical specialties can do so in a timely fashion. I have a record of public service within Ottawa County, having served as Riverview Nursing Home Subacute Medical Director, Ottawa County Health Department Well Child Clinic physician, Ottawa County Board of Health member, Ottawa County Health Needs Assessment Committee member, Immaculate Conception School Advisory Council President, and Magruder Hospital Medical Staff President. I will continue that record of service.

I will ensure that we again have access to a Deputy Coroner, which has been lacking in 2012. Ottawa County residents are my patients, neighbors, and friends, and I will ensure that they and their families have the same dignity and respect in death as they do in life by responding to the family’s needs in a timely and consistent fashion.

My education, training and experience in accounting and finance support this commitment. My formal education includes a dual Bachelor of Business Degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Toledo, College of Business Administration.

As your commissioner, I continue to deliver leadership and the commitment to make decisions with the residents of Ottawa County in mind.

Your vote is a precious gift and I ask for your vote on November 6th to continue to service our county as your County Commissioner.

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