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What happens to an artist’s work when a gallery closes?  Sometimes they never see their work again.  However, most of the time arrangements are made to return the stored and unsold work to the artist. 

“A little more than four years ago, a painter friend invited us down to the sunny south to see what their paradise looked like, and to learn that palm trees are harder to paint than those we are accustomed to in the north,” according to Rick Dziak, Marblehead artist and gallery owner. “We would walk to the dunes and beaches and side streets.  Colors were definitely different, but wonderful to the painter’s eye.”
“We would paint every day, and although we didn’t stay long, a sizable amount of work was established.  There were Art Mart’s on the beach each Saturday, and we would try to sell our works, wet and unframed, in most cases.  It was fun!  Many times, as with wet paintings, we didn’t want to haul them back to Ohio.  So they were left at a gallery or put in storage.”
Recently, a gallery that had sold some of Dziak’s paintings had to close its doors. The friend who had initiated the painting trip brought back the paintings. After assembling the returned paintings, Dziak had the idea to show the contrast of the south coast paintings with paintings done on the north coast.  Most of the Gulf Coast paintings are small, having been mostly done en plein air, or on the spot. The northern works are more varied in size.
It is with this background that the Dziak Gallery is offering a show of new works. The vast majority of the south coast paintings have never been seen north of the Mason-Dixon line, and will be shown alongside Dziak’s recent works from in and around the north coast.
The show will run from now until Dec. 16 at the Dziak Gallery.  Hours are 1-4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday and by appointment.  Dziak Gallery is located at 810 West Main St. in Marblehead.  For further information, call 419-798-4994 or 419-494-4445, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit their website at

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