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Real estate transfers

Allen Township
    12-13-12 Christoper E. and Jackie L. Claus to Timothy J. and Sharon L. Johnson, 23155 Stone Ridge, $317,300.
Benton Township
    12-11-12 Kevin M. and Kathy S. Fox to Jan Howard James, Stange Road vacant land, $6,000.
Carroll Township
    12-10-12 Carol Watson to Rudy Hanzel and Amanda Harpel, 10536 West Bier Road, $130,000.
    12-10-12 Donald Helle to Jackson Family Investments Inc., 40974 West Duff Washa Road, $415,000.
    12-10-12 James M. and June E. Beard to Amy Blackford, 11901 West Salem Carroll Road, $16,500.
Catawba Township
    12-10-12 Davenport Real Estate LLC to William M. Shambarger, 911 Falling Waters, $50,000.
    12-10-12 Sunshine Land II to Harold M. and Sharon A. Kowalka, 28974 East River Road, $346,010
    12-12-12 Charles Thomas Halsey to Todd E. and Jacqueline C. Bowerman, 4245 East Laurel Ridge, $325,000.
    12-13-12 Darvin L. Banks to Gary W. Gearhart Sr. and Judith L. Gearhart, 5128 Gardner Road, $165,000.
Clay Township
    12-12-12 Sally A. Dalton to Curtis Cope, 2941 North Huss, $140,000.
Genoa Corp.
    12-12-12 Kathleen C. Bergman III to Henry W. Bergman III, 206 Eleventh Street, $125,500.
Danbury Township
    12-12-12 Jacquelyn M. Deible to Federal National Mortgage Association, 175 North Hidden Beach, $73,334.
    12-13-12 Barbara J. Craven to Carl S. and Karen S. Koselke, 322 North Perryview Drive, $79,900.
    12-13-12 Barbara J. Craven to Carl S. and Karen S. Koselke, 322 North Perryview, $14,100.
    12-14-12 Joseph C. and Cynthia L. Turinsky to Deborah R. Newman, 1953 South Allsworth Drive, $64,000.
Harris Township
    12-12-12 Michael F. and Suzanne C. Pavlica to Christopher E. and Jackie L. Claus, 15400 West State Route 105, $179,900.
Marblehead Corp
    12-11-12 Stephen G. Weising and Mary A. Buck to Daniel J. and Jane Maisonville, 3416 Memorial Shoreway, $550,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
    12-12-12 Gina M. O’Lalde et al to Federal National Mortgage Association, 206 North Locust Street, $66,667.
    12-12-12 JP Morgan Chase Bank to Snyder Real Estate, 523 Church Street, $40,000.
Portage Township
    12-14-12 John W. Hummell to Daniel C. and Kelly J. Schmehl, 374 North Miami Place, $95,000.
Rocky Ridge Corp
    12-11-12 Raymond C. Cousino Jr. and Lisa B. Cousino to Michael T. Reif and Renee Dusseau-Reif, North State Route 590, $25,000.

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