Oak Harbor defeats Margaretta

Oak Harbor beat Margaretta 25-17, 25-16, 25-16, Thursday, Sept. 17.

Leading in assists was Abby Dornbusch. Leading in digs was faith Konieczny with 19, Abby Dornbusch with 18, Athena Eli with 16. Leading in kills was Peyton bBoomer with 20, Logan Harris with 8 and Ally Bloomer with 7. Leading with blocks was Ally Bloomer 4.

The Lady Rocket's record is 6-3 (league2-2)


Oak Harbor defeats Danbury and Lakota

Oak Harbor Volleyball beat Danbury Saturday 25-6, 25-7.  Abby Dornbusch lead in assists with 13, Emma Bergman and Faith Konieczny lead in digs with 5 each.  Logan Harris lead in kills with 9 and Peyton Bloomer added 8.  Peyton Bloomer added 3 blocks and Annie Quisno and Logan Harris had 2 blocks each.  Faith Konieczny had 4 aces.


Oak Harbor volleyball defeats Clyde

Oak Harbor volleyball beat Clyde Tuesday night, Sept. 8, 25-23, 17-25. 

Abby Dornbusch lead in assists with 44.  Peyton Bloomer had 21 kills and Ally Bloomer had 11.  Emma Bergman had 27 digs, Athena Eli with 19 and Abby Dornbusch with 17.  Peyton Bloomer lead in kills with 21 and Ally Bloomer with 11.  Peyton Bloomer had 5 blocks (4 solo, 1 block assist) and Logan Harris with 3 solo blocks and 1 block assist.

Oak Harbor is now 3-2 and they play at Danbury on Saturday.

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