Who is Mike Rose and Washington Properties?

With Issue 1 looming for the citizens of Port Clinton on March 15, I decided to do some personal investigation. Although Issue 1 doesn’t “directly” relate to Washington Properties in Medina, I asked our staff to do some checking on the people and institutions that have done business with Mike Rose’s company and their experiences. Some of those findings are reflected in this article.

On Sunday, February 14, my wife Mary Alice and I along with Kim and Lisa Smith (The Muffler Smiths) decided to make a trip to Medina. What we discovered was pretty amazing.


1,716 Love Letters

I have always loved Port Clinton…although I must admit it was a little tough being a 13-year-old adolescent attending Immaculate Conception School as an 8th grader with 55 fellow adolescents packed into one school room all day. Our family moved here from Bowling Green, a community steeped in education excellence. I had just begun my freshman year at a brand new Port Clinton High School when we started to hear about this EAD closing business. But that’s another story.


Response to 'Bigotry should not be welcomed in Port Clinton restaurants'

A response to this Sound Off.

Although it's against my better judgement to respond to this in a public forum I would like to take this opportunity to present my point of view.

Most certainly my intentions are never, ever to hurt anyone's feelings. My intentions are to expose the hypocrisy of homophobia, racism, misogyny and other human ailments through humor and song. To point out, make fun of, and celebrate our differences. To laugh at each other and ourselves and to show that we can all have fun together. Most people get it...sadly, there are some who don't.

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